Services & Capabilities

  • Electrical Distribution Service Provider (up to 33kv)
  • HV/LV Underground Cable, Switch Gear/Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • HV/LV overhead Pole, Conductor, Switch and Transformer Installation and Maintenance
  • Commerical and Industrial Installation and Maintenance
  • Ergon Approved Supplier – Subdivision Construction and Public Lighting Construction
  • Specialilsting in Remote Work – Cairns region/Cape/Gulf of Carpentaria/Inland Queensland

Property Poles

Do you have a property pole or transformer on your property?

A property pole is a privately-owned pole within your property’s boundary that carries the overhead powerlines to your home or other buildings like sheds, pumps or other buildings on your property.

These poles are usually made of timber, concrete or steel and were initially installed on behalf of the home or property owner. To help ensure safety and reliability of electricity supply, it’s important that you regularly maintain and check property poles. Unsafe poles can lead to fires or electric shock. If you own a property pole then keeping them in good order is your responsibility.

Over time a pole can deteriorate through weather damage, termite damage, or rust. If this occurs it can weaken the integrity of the pole resulting in the pole leaning or falling over, potentially causing injury to people or damage to surrounding property. A fallen power pole may also bring down the powerline supplying electricity to your home. This is very dangerous, as fallen powerlines can kill, but will also interrupt the electricity supply to your home until the pole can be replaced. In the result of a fallen power line call 000 immediately.


Woodburn Electrical can offer all aspects of maintenance for property poles and privately owned transformers to ensure reliability of electricity supply and safety around your home. Woodburn Electrical also has the capabilities to install new power lines and upgrade to existing supply. Contact us to find out more.

Cable Jointing

Jointing and Termination of the following cables types:

  • Polymeric type cables High and Low Voltage operating at voltages up to and including 33,000 volts.
  • Ethyl Propylene Rubber (EPR) High and Low Voltage cables as used in industrial and mining processes.
  • Paper Lead Sheathed Wire Armoured (PILSWA) High and Low Voltage cables, including Transition Joints paper lead to polymeric.
  • Consac, Wavecon etc.

Jointing of Low voltage cable systems, tee joints, straight joints, pole terminations, pillars and distribution cabinets. Installation of distribution pillars and underground services to connect Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

Jointing of High voltage cables including straight joints, transition joints, pole terminations, transformer terminations, electrical switchgear. Jointing of EPR flexible cables on industrial, mining sites.

Installation of High Voltage Switchgear equipment and on-site transformers. Installation of Earthing grids.

Installation of underground service cables to Residential and Commercial properties. Conversions from overhead services to Underground.

Wiring, erection and installation of Street Light Columns and Luminaires in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Cables Testing including, IR Core and Sheath Testing, and earthing resistance measurements.